Name: brie (existing on the fringe of what remains of the underground)
shoe size: 8 1/2 (USA measurement)
dress size: 14 (can't really fit into a size 12 anymore)
favorite television shows: "cheerleader nation", and scoobydoo"
favorite movies: "ghost world", and "little girl who lived down the lane"
favorite literature: "lolita" by validmir nabokov, and "valley of the dolls" by Jacqueline Susan
likes: simple things really
dislikes: people who are easily bored by me
birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Hobbies, interests, lifestyle, clothing, etc.:
  • knitting
  • Traveling: usually take one trip to northern California, and one to southern California each year. Never been to some of those continents, where I have admirers!
  • watching television
  • helping with the dishes
  • listening to music, while traveling on the road in my mercury tracer, with coffee in the drink holder, auto-reverse, overdrive, munching on a zone bar, and a supply of penguin's caffeinated peppermints. miss listening to Howard stearn, while driving through Vega$. no satellite radio in the tracer.
    incoherently, while browsing in a porno shop in Santa clara California heard Howard stearn through speakers. good to know that stearn can be heard within porno shops throughout the country. anyway, while doing research on Hillary summers in the porno shop, couldn't find anything on her. would love to interview her at the norm's coffee shop on Sherman way in north Hollywood. would ask if her great photo stills, (magazines were big before the advent of the VCR --n ow being replaced by the DVD) were accompanied by film? I've never found any videos of her ph oto sessions. will have to buy the "budding of brie" DVD. perhaps some interviews, information, and p hotos, which are only surpassed by the scene in the chair with nylon clad legs up: "go ahead and spill your seed inside of me. I'm not afraid!" --said while in the act of doing it! must have required some eno rmous concentration. what an actress!
  • going out on a date
  • Dressing up in girlie clothes, costumes, and lingerie -- I can squeeze into a women's "one size" any day!

favorite artists:

Andy warhol for his amazing use of photography.
enjoyed the film "i shot Andy warhol", which was really about the deranged but brilliant Valerie solanis (lili Taylor). good scene in the film where Valerie, who clamed to be a butch dyke, rubbed her leg against the leg of a coed, who was wearing bobby socks and saddle shoes, under the table. fortunately, poor Andy lived about another 20 produdctive years after being shot.

r. crumb: (moved to France) who was that Frenchman that i was emailing photos to? once, when he really liked one of my photos, he reverted to English, but after receiving over 100 photos, he realized i wasn't female, and disappeared too bad! i have the stocky legs that crumb worships! maybe i made it into one of his sketchbooks -- i wish!

Jackson Pollock because he went to high school in Los Angeles!

Doc Icenogle. i really like many of his erotic drawings. some of which appear on this web site -- hopefully. etc.


recommend "ghost world"! I really love those cute outfits worn by thora burch.
"Lady bugs" about a cute boy, who disguises himself as a girl to play on a girl's soccer team!!!!!!!
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