Erotic Stories: MAE


Underneath her robe Mae was wearing a beige garterbelt,
taupe nylons, pink panties, pink bra, and white open toed
sandals with 3 inch heels. she was sipping her wine to
make her less inhibited waiting for midnight to awaken
her 18 year old son. later as they were working on their
second orgasm, Mae, whose nylon covered legs, with the white open toed sandals, were resting on her son's shoulders, had to beg for every inch of her son's penis, pleading for her
son, who had removed her panties,  to move faster "please"
and "pretty please" and still "pretty please with sugar on top".

Mae's voice wavering all the time! it was around 2 in the morning, and Mae was trying desperately not to cry out,
ecstatically, because the neighbors on the other side of the wall of their condominium ($80,000.00 equity!) might hear them.

Exhausted at about 4 a.m. her son went back to his room, while Mae lay on the couch thinking about the impending move to Texas to have the as yet unborn baby she and her son had produced adopted out!

the only time Mae wasn't in charge was during their late night love making sessions.
around three in the morning when she was sobbing hysterically, it felt so good to relinquish control to her son. that's how they decided to move to Texas.

it was during one of their late night sessions that her son sensing his temporary power over his mother decided to tease her with his penis by only giving her one or at most two inches of the entire six!

son (removing penis from vagina): "can we move to Texas?"

Mae (whining) : "i don't know!" and  "please don't stop" as she had her arms and legs wrapped around her son.

son (only inserting one inch of penis) "let's move to Texas"

Mae (whimpering) "what on earth for?"

Anyway, it went on like this for about an hour before Mae agreed to the move to Texas with tears in her eyes, where her son could finish out his last year of high school, which worked out for the both of them because her son wanted to be a football player, and Mae needed to move somewhere where no one knew her to adopt out her as yet unborn baby.

about a year later Mae was worried about losing her son to some ball busting cheerleader, as Mae her self at one time had been a ball busting cheerleader,
she wanted to do whatever she could to make it difficult for some young  female to take her lover away from her.

also, since her son was only average in size and strength, she thought she might prevent him from working out to develop the muscles necessary to become a jock.
one night, when she came for her son, Mae was wearing her old cheerleader outfit that she was still able to squeeze into.

when she awoke her son (they only made love around twice a week except for special occasions because of the intensity--all night-- of their love making and she wanted to keep it as a special treat),
he was really excited to see his mother dressed as a cheerleader!

on the couch he was more than ready to go (Mae didn't have to suck his penis to get him erect), but Mae hesitated by saying she wanted him to try something different.

she then informed him that she wanted him to remove her panties, but that he had to put them on himself!

her son was horrified at the idea and complained" please don't make me do that"
Mae said "if you don't want to, you can just go back to bed".

her son had no choice but to acquiesce.
it was the best night of love making so far!

Mae's cheerleader's skirt was pulled up making her nude from her belly button to her shoes and socks as her son was having his way with her.
for instance he positioned himself over her inserting only one inch of his penis into her vagina forcing Mae to lift her ass to receive the entire six inches, which was both degrading and exhausting! the love making continued until around 4:00 in the morning, when her son departed to go to bed.

Mae was lying on the couch soaked with sweat in her semen smeared cheerleader's outfit without the panties, which her son had thrown on the living room floor.

She thought that the first step to making her son a sissy had been a splendid success.
incidentally, after having their baby adopted out, Mae started using the pill. She wasn't going to make her son use a condom (poor baby!) like some lousy ball busting cheerleader!     

Mae really existed, and mysteriously moved to Texas.
before she moved, while at work she would spend hours talking on the phone to her son, not as a single mother would normally talk to her son, but as a woman would talk to her lover.

she was completely enthralled with her son. very little is known after the move to Texas. (any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental)

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