20th Century Women

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Brie as Princess Lay


Shirley dress


From Ilana Nash:

“When I was still too young to read, my grandmother often took me to the famed Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles, just blocks from her house, and whispered the titles to me while I sat mesmerized by the dramatic images.”

“This study begins in 1930 because that is roughly the moment at which mass culture began to take systematic notice of teenagers as a distinct category.
“More particulary, 1930 marked the debut of Nancy Drew.”

Bonita Granville as Nancy Drew

American Sweethearts ends with 1965 because that is when the teengirl “ended,”
too; I locate the Gidget

Sally Field as Gidget

television series, which debuted in 1965, as the last moment in which the original tropes of adolescent girlhood consistently cohered.”
The teen girl “ended” in another way, too, after 1965: she was displaced as the lightning rod for popular desires and fears by her older sisters, college activists and hippies. College-aged people dominated the discursive position of youth in popular consciousness throughout the years of the counterculture.”

[Brie interjects: As a matter of fact the film “The Big T.N.T. Show” January 1966
anticipates the forthcoming changes in music. The producer of “The Big T.N.T. Show” Phil (you don’t want to be me) Spector was going to do another “Big T.N.T.” the following year, but music exploded in another direction.]


“sometimes the relationship is literalized as a father/daughter sexual couple, as in the case of Nabokov’s Lolita,


in which narrator Humbert Humbert cannot resist the charms of his “nymphet” stepdaughter.”

(From “American Sweethearts” by Ilana Nash)

Shirley Temple as Corliss Archer
Peggy Ann Garner as Judy Graves
Patty Duke as Patty Lane


Kentucky Wife Denise




“very beautiful
very sexy
very feminine
so perfect”




“Hello good Morning
welcome new friend
it will be a pleasure to have your company and friendship,
all respect you are the most beautiful of all Cloudysexy
I became your fan
kiss on your queen hand
Good Morning.
post more photos.
I melt all
with that strong and sweet look that you have.”



“The opening was very formal, but, as usual, I had no hat, stockings or gloves and was in quite a dilemma. I borrowed stockings and a girdle

from a friend.
Count Zorzi, the head of the press office and the Ambassador, who had actually extended to me the invitation, gave me stict instructions.”
(Confessions of an Art Addict” by Peggy Guggenheim)


About us (sundawg069):

“I love to wear lingerie, stocking, garters, bra and panties while we fuck. Not currently looking for a third, so please do not ask. Hope you enjoy our videos”

Hooters waitress:

Brie waitress:


Nursie Brie:


cherrylipsbaby: “”Now we’re talking! Love seeing your clitty pics!”


cherrylipsbaby: “That’s it, bend over for Daddy Princess!”



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